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TeKne Dental (TKD), established in 1969, began with the development of high-speed dental turbines. The company soon expanded to mass-produce air-bearing turbines and broadened its product range to include electronic devices like piezoelectric scalers and brushless electric micromotors. All TKD products are proudly 100% MADE IN ITALY.

As Italy’s largest independent manufacturer of dental handpieces, TKD exports globally. The company ensures efficient order processing and robust technical assistance through its workshop and authorized technicians worldwide. TKD is a member of UNIDI, the association of Italian dental product manufacturers.

Simplifying Dental Motion

TKD enhances its handpieces, including high-speed turbines and low-speed micromotors, by simplifying connections and increasing efficiency. Maintenance is streamlined, reflecting TKD’s commitment to simplifying dental motion.