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Hygienic hand disinfectant without alcohol

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.



Neutralizes odor causing bacteria. Does not dry the skin out, has a good skin compatibility and is very suitable for a frequent use. It does not stain, dissolves dried blood stains, and has a neutral smell. Manoferm does not contain alcohol nor other toxic substances. Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.



Quaternary ammonium compounds.


Microbiological efficacy

Rapid bactericide (Mycobacterium, E. coli) and fungicide (Candida albicans) effect in 30 seconds. It has been proven that the active ingredients in Manoferm are also effective against influenza A viruses (such as H5N1 avian flu and H1N1 swine flu) and coronaviruses.


Fields of application

Medical sector Hospital prophylaxis and general praxis, dental, veterinary, physiotherapy and podology sector, nursing homes, Spitex, ambulance and research laboratories.

Public locations Schools, nursery schools, toilettes, swimming pools, public buildings, and offices.

Food industry Food processing industry, kitchen, restaurants, and hotels.

Others Camping, sport facilities, solarium, etc.

Commercially available package sizes


Unit Article no.

50 ml spray bottle 115.001

– box of 40 units 115.040

75 ml spray bottle 117.001

– box of 40 units 117.040

250 ml spray bottle 116.001

– box of 54 units 116.054

500 ml bottle for wall dispenser 118.001

– box of 40 units 118.040

500 ml bottle with metering pump 120.001

– box of 40 units 120.040

1-liter spray bottle 123.001

– box of 12 units 123.012

5 / 10 / 25-liter canister 122.005 / 122.010 / 122.025


Classification Manoferm does not require classification in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

Labeling P102 Keep out of reach of children