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Triple tips

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Guarantee of Biosafety


Guarantee of Biosafety

Product description

Disposable tips for the air/water syringe


For the substitution of the air/water syringe metal tip in order to keep the biosafety


  • Disposable: decreases the risk of cross infection.
  • Easy installation and removal: easy adaptation to Cristofoli, Dabi, Gnatus and Olsen equipments.


Are Triple Tips   disposable?
Yes, Triple Tips can be discarded after use.

Do Triple Tips work on all equipment?
Triple Tips can be used on Dabi, Gnatus, Olsen, and DX equipment.
On Kavo equipment, the adaptation of Triple Tips is not possible

How are Triple Tips adapted?

Triple Tips should be adapted at the location of the metal tip of the triple syringe. Each piece of equipment has a different method for removing this metal tip. When the tip is removed, just insert the Triple Tips in the location.

How many tips come in Triple Tips package?

The package of Triple Tips comes with 40 units.